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  How can you make your organization's Code of Ethics actionable for your employees?  Do you win at the negotiations table? Is your company making the most of its diverse workforce? Have you ever wished that you knew when a job applicant was inflating their salary requirements? How do you benchmark performance without cutting ethical corners?  Are you facing another discrimination claim? How do you empower your workforce to succeed honestly? 

Critical Communications, LLC Offers Powerful Training and Consulting Solutions for Your Business


Critical Communications, LLC is a training and seminar resource company led by Michael Tate Barkley and Stephen Bain that is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes foster ethical and socially responsible corporate cultures.  Designed for groups of varying sizes, our programs meet the training requirements mandated by federal and state laws.  But more importantly, they offer real solutions and proven methodologies that help participants adopt an "attitude of ethics" which in turn becomes an integral part of the organization’s culture and can prevent internal fraud, sexual harassment and discrimination claims. We offer workshops, boot camps, seminars, keynotes and consulting services in the following areas:

Ethical Behavior Programs

Cultural Awareness and Diversity Programs

Leadership and Management Programs

Effective Ethical Communications

Not-for-Profit, Government and Educator Training


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